Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Agent of Change

What is it that causes people to make the big changes in life?  My wife's first answer was the same as mine, FEAR.  Fear of where you will end up if the changes are not made.  Where will you be in a month, 6 months, a year, or 5 years?  Will you be in the same position you are now?  Is that where you want to be?  I think this sort of visualization can be very powerful.  You have to keep up with it though.  If you fail to, you can revert back into the type of thinking that you were trying to get out of.  I'm sure there are other things that can be the agent of change, are they as powerful as fear?

One of the biggest desires for change comes in the area of healthy living.  Losing weight, eating healthy, watching cholesterol, exercising more, feeling better are all areas that most people I know are dealing with.  We want to change, but don't, or feel as if we can't.  I have two bad tendencies (at least)  when it comes to these types of changes.  The first is procrastination.  Why start today, when you can get a fresh start in the morning?  Oops, I've already messed up, guess I'll start tomorrow or better yet, next week...even better is next month.  The second tendency is laziness to plan correctly.  I'm not a lazy person but planning takes time and effort.  In the context of losing weight, it may involve planning out your menus and having the right kinds of food around.

So, I'm in a state of planning and doing something every day to prepare.  What am I going to change?  Wait and see.

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  1. I know what your saying...Procrastination...(channeling jonathan from installs)way ta go boe lol