Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the Love of Sandwich(es)

I absolutely love a good sandwich.  From the classic PB&J to a Muffuletta from McAlister's Deli and most everything in between.  I think it comes from my childhood.  My dad was a sandwich guy.  He would make sandwiches with all these non-white breads, different types of cheese.  Pastrami.  I loved them.  I recently read an article in an old Men's Health that featured 25 different sandwiches.  I was drooling while reading how to make each one.  These were not the run of the mill bread, meat, cheese types of sandwiches.  No, no, how about #23, smoked salmon and dill on pumpernickel? or #12, open-faced prosciutto and asparagus?  I have a copy of the article on my computer now and I plan on trying each one.  In thinking about this, I have to mention another favorite sandwich.  The STP from Groucho's...with Formula 45 sauce for dipping.  BAM!!!!   My only complaint is that I could eat two without batting an eye, and that's cost prohibitive.  I'm going to get me some hoagie rolls, some Boars Head turkey and roast beef, fry up some bacon, a little provolone cheese.  I just have to figure out the Formula 45 sauce.  It's midnight, and now I'm hungry.  Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll dream of sandwiches... :)

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