Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Blog Post!

It seems to me that the first post in a newly created blog sets the tone for the whole thing.  I started to post about 2 hours ago and then procrastinated until now...because no one is home...Maybe I should have called this the procrastinated blog.  That way if I write sporadically I won't feel's right there in the title.

Why a blog?  I've been thinking (procrastinating) about it for a while.  I wanted a little slice of the internet, where I could put down some thoughts and ideas, that wasn't Facebook.  They'll be tied together, but I like this format better for what I am envisioning.  It's for me, but I'll share.

Why "Big Feet Geek"?  Well, it describes me.  I am big, I have big feet, I am a geek.  I can only imagine what a ":feet geek" would be like, that's not me!  So, it's ((Big Feet) Geek ) or say it aloud, "Big Feet"...pause..."Geek".
I will not post about my big feet...much :)

I am using Google Blogger, it's free (I like free...), and as I learn more about it, I'll mold this blog into what I what it to be.

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